Taylor Swift Has Been Shaking It Off Since 2008, Here’s Proof

Taylor Swift Shake It Off

In 2008 Taylor Swift told Ryan Seacrest during an interview that she likes to “shake it off” when a relationship doesn’t go her way. Fast forward seven years later and her massive hit ‘Shake It Off’ helped her new album ‘1989’ go platinum.

Seacrest was talking to Taylor Swift on the red carper for this past weekend’s Grammys, when he surprised Swift the the original clip, which she apparently had completely forgot about.

Swift claimed that she was a “bit mouthy” when she was 18, but as we all know, she has always managed to keep her attitude in her lyrics.

In the original interview Ryan Seacrest says, “When you meet someone that you connect with and maybe you do learn from that and grow from that and you take something away from that, that’s what you’re saying …”

Taylor responds, “You learn. I’m just trying to shake it off.”

Mind… officially… blown.

Taylor Swift Future Teller


Taylor Swift’s reaction? “Wow, that’s weird. That’s wild, wow. That’s crazy. I guess I used to just say that a lot.”

And now we know where the lyrics for ‘Shake It Off’ were born.

[Photo Credit: Taylor Swift]

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