Taylor Swift Is Amused By Dating Rumors

Country singer Taylor Swift says that she is amused by all of the dating rumors surrounding her life. She revealed that she finds it funny when media outlets start reporting that she’s dating various guys.

In a new interview, Taylor said, “I do find it funny hearing about all these people I’m supposed to be dating. Most of the guys I haven’t even met! Right now I am happy being single and I just leave it to chance whether I meet someone some day.”

She also touched on the role in Les Miserables that was rumored to be hers, but eventually went to someone else. She said, “I didn’t miss out on the role for Les Miserables because I never got the role. I was at home and I just started getting all these text messages from my friends saying ‘Congratulations on your movie role’ and I was like ‘What? I don’t understand! I haven’t got a movie role!’ So that is the real story.”

And there you have it! Aren’t you glad she cleared that up?

Photo Credit: Thomas Janssen / PCN Photos

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