Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans To Attend Court For Cyber-Stalking

Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans To Attend Court For Cyber-Stalking

When Teen Mom 2 recently premiered, it was clear that Jenelle Evans was having some difficulties keeping her life drama-free. And as we can assume, things probably haven’t changed.

It was reported by Star magazine that the Teen Mom star will be attending court once again for apparently posting rude and insulting comments about her former boss, James Duffy, on her Facebook, Twitter and other websites. As a result, Duffy has chosen to charge her with cyber-stalking.

In an interview between Duffy and Star magazine, he reported, “The magistrate heard my story, saw my evidence and gave me a court date. If proved, Cyber-stalking and harassment are criminal charges with penalties of up to 60 days in county jail.”

It is also reported that Jenelle created a hate page on Facebook titled “James Duffy is a creep.” The court date is to be held on March 23, the same day that Jenelle filed against Duffy for posting her address and cell phone number online. Although, Duffy claims that this information is old news due to the fact that she had moved and changed her phone number by the time he had posted them.

Evans than continued her story stating that during the time of her employment, Duffy had made some sexual advances towards the star. She says that this led to the two having a sexual relationship. As a result, she quit her job. She also alleged that he had posted some scandalous pictures of her on Twitter showing her and another girl making out at a party.

If you ask me, Jenelle brought most of this drama on herself. She started all of this by making her boss angry which led him to attacking her back with those pictures. And I honestly think the whole sexual relationship mumbo jumbo was just a story made up to take him to court. If she had brought this up earlier, it just might have pulled off as believable… but probably not.

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