The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Gets Nude This Season!

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Gets Nude This Season!

According to the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, it’s going to be a very nude season for Ben Flajnik!

Chris said, “It’s a very nude season. Ben is very comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t have modesty issues.”

We’ve already seen the nude skinny dipping preview in the show’s first episode, in which Ben takes one of the ladies for a dip in the water. In case you’ve missed the first episode of the season, you can read our recap here.

So there’s going to be even more nudity than what was teased in the first preview clip? I guess Ben is looking for a lady that will get down and dirty!

Have you seen the show this season? It was crazy and full of drama! Monica was hitting on another of the contestants, while Jenna was freaking out and crying in hysterics most of the night.

Who brought the drama the most the first night on the show? Who do you think Ben will end up with? And seeing from the preview they showed at the end of the show, it would appear that there’s more crying than nudity, but that’s our first impression. Can we get a rose for that?

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