The Bachelor Recap: Season 16 Episode 2 & Spoilers 1/9/12

The Bachelor Recap Season 16 Episode 2 1/9/12

Tonight at 8PM EST on ABC is an all new episode of the 16th season of The Bachelor with Ben Flajnik. In case you’ve missed last week’s craziness on the show, you can read our recap here.

During last week’s rose ceremony, 18 of the ladies walked away with a rose, leaving seven of the women out in the cold. We saw some drama (hello, Jenna!) along with some lesbian tendencies (Monica?).

On tonight’s episode, Ben takes the ladies to his hometown of Sonoma, California. According to spoilers for tonight’s episode, he goes on a one-on-one date with Kacie Boguskie. Afterward, he has a group date with twelve of the ladies, in which they have to put on a play with some scripts written by children.

After all of that, Courtney Robertson gets a one-on-one date with Ben and they have a picnic together with his dog, Scotch.

We’ll be covering the show, live, as it airs tonight! So stay tuned and keep refreshing for the latest updates on who gets a rose and who’s sent packing on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor!


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