The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 3 Review & Show Highlights

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 3 Review & Show Highlights

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was filled with drama, drama, drama! Bachelor Ben Flajnik had some good times, a surprise and a shocking twist to the evening. Here, we’ll be providing a review of the episode along with the highlights that made us laugh. Did you watch? If you’ve missed episode three, you can read our recap here.

Ben took Emily on a one-on-one date to scale to the top of the Bay Bridge. He said it was probably the scariest thing that either of them have ever done. The other ladies were holed up in the hotel, peeping Ben and Emily through a telescope that has a perfect view of them. Does that hotel provide all of their rooms with telescopes overlooking the bridge? Inquiring minds want to know!

Later, Emily reveals that she signed up for a dating website and after posting racy photos of herself, she received an email of her matches. The email said that she was matched up with her brother, who was also using the same service. Creepy!

For their group date, Ben takes the women skiing in San Francisco — in bikinis. Some fall and some make it, but it makes for hilarious television.

Later, Brittney leaves the competition after telling Ben and the other ladies that her heart isn’t in it. The ladies say that they respect her decision and off she goes. That leaves Lyndzi to go on the one-on-one date with Ben. They go for a trolley tour and that part was really blah.

The drama really came when Brad Womack’s cast-off, Shawntel Newton, comes to the show to get together with Ben. The other girls are livid that she’s even there, considering all they’ve been through in the competition so far.

Elyse said that Shawntel is “Brad’s re-used dumpster trash”. Best line of the night!

In the end, Jaclyn, Shawntel and Erika were all left without roses. The shocking twist? When Erika fainted, Ben opted not to give out the final rose.

What did you think of the show last night? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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