The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 7 Review & Show Highlights

The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 7 Review & Show Highlights

On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, six ladies walked in and only four of them got roses. The episode took place in Belize and was important in the series of events because it was the last show before the hometown visits. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our full recap here.

The star of this season, Ben Flajnik, took the ladies on three one-on-one dates (without roses) and one group date. All of the ladies, at one point or another, declared that they are falling in love with Ben. Courtney was evil as ever and some of the ladies tried to expose her to Ben for being there for reasons other than love.

Courtney told Ben that she wasn’t sure she was ready for him to meet her family and it’s a big step. She whined a lot in the confessionals about how unfair it was that the other ladies were getting dates. She wanted to get that spark back. Blah.

In the end, Emily won’t ever get to sample that “delicious cheesecake” again. Also of note, Ben chose Courtney over Rachel at the rose ceremony. Now, Ben will venture off to each lady’s hometown for the visits with their families.

We’re wondering how many weird faces Courtney can make in one episode of the show? What were your thoughts on last night’s episode of The Bachelor?

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