The Bachelor Season 16 Episode 8 ‘Hometown Dates’ Preview & Spoilers 2/20/12

In case you’ve been watching season sixteen of The Bachelor, then you already know that Ben Flajnik is crapping all over the idea of happiness by continuing to date Courtney Robertson. He doesn’t know much about her shenanigans, aside from hearing the warnings from the other women in the house. Yet, it’s more likely than not that Ben didn’t feel he could get a model, so he’s trying hard to hold onto Courtney. Ahh true love is a baffling thing, isn’t it?

On tonight’s episode of the show, Ben ventures off to meet the families of his final four ladies. Here are the hometown dates, in order of filming, according to Reality Steve:

Lindzi Cox (Ocala, FL) (Filmed first)
Kacie Boguskie (Clarksville, TN) (Filmed second)
Nicki Sterling (Hurst, TX) (Filmed third)
Courtney Robertson (Scottsdale, AZ) (Filmed fourth)

So, who gets eliminated on tonight’s show? Kacie B.! Ugh….what is wrong with this man?!?

Still, she makes a return to the show next week on episode nine’s overnight dates in Switzerland. And why would she do such a thing? It’s because she wants to warn Ben about how Courtney really is. Not sure what point that serves because Ben is still wondering why a model would be interested in the Geico caveman… But good for Kacie for bringing light to the situation and not just returning for another shot with Ben.

Are you sad that Ben is going to eliminate Kacie B. tonight? We are, she’s one of the most down-to-Earth girls this season. After Emily Maynard’s season as The Bachelorette, they should totally give the following season to Kacie B. What do you think?

Stay tuned for tonight’s episode recap!

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