The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik Picked The Wrong Woman?

The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik Picked The Wrong Woman?

The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik appears on the latest cover of Reality Weekly with the quote that he picked the wrong woman! Are you surprised at all?!?

Reality Steve has called the show’s ending way before it has even begun, stating that model Courtney Robertson would walk away as the winner. As it currently stands, she is one of the final two, along with Lindzi Cox.

Courtney appeared on the Women Tell All special and apologized to all of the women for her rude and nasty behavior. Her apologies didn’t seem genuine at all and it just appeared to us that they were trying to make her look good to America because she’s who Ben chooses in the end.

According to the tabloid, Ben has been dumped already and is claiming that he picked the wrong woman. It’s like Captain Obvious is crapping all over this issue of the publication. Anyone who has been watching the show could tell you that he would pick the narcissistic model — as opposed to someone who had true feelings for him. We think that in reality, Ben probably felt that he wouldn’t land a model, so he might as well play it up for the cameras. Truthfully, he’s not that attractive, so we’re curious about all of the attraction going on – on the show.

So had Ben been dumped? Why were they doing so much Courtney damage control on the special this Monday? What do you think?

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