The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Moved In With Ben Flajnik?

The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Moved In With Ben Flajnik?

The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik has had his share of troubles with his fiance Courtney Robertson in the past few months. After Ben watched footage of Courtney’s interactions with the other women on the show, he broke things off with her due to all of the negativity.

Things were put back on the right path with the couple during the After The Final Rose special. During its taping, Ben gave her the $80,000 Neil Lane engagement ring that he used to propose to her on the show’s finale.

Now, they are letting all of the drama go so that they are able to move forward with their lives. Courtney has opened up about their relationship with Ben along with their plans for a future together. She said, “I just spent the weekend with Ben in San Francisco and people kept coming up to us and offering words of encouragement. So, things seem to be getting better.”

She also revealed yesterday that she believes Ben when he told her that he didn’t cheat on her. There were photos of Ben that surfaced during their relationship, showing the winemaker embracing other women.

On the topic of moving to San Francisco, she said, “I’m hopeful it will happen by summer. We’re not in a rush, but neither of us wants to be in a long distance relationship for very long. For now, we have a lot of fun, little trips planned. But I do love San Francisco and can definitely see having a happy life there with Ben.”

She added, “He trusted and believed in the real me. This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I found Ben…and he made everything worth it.”

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