The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Writing A Tell All Book?

The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Writing A Tell All Book?

The winner of Ben Flajnik’s season of “The Bachelor”, Courtney Robertson might just be in talks to pen her own tell-all book! Are you shocked by the news? Us neither.

She basically connived her way into a proposal and Ben’s heart, not seeming to care about the women who got in her way. She is said to be writing a book that will address a lot of the misconceptions about her, which stemmed from her reality show debut.

A source told Wetpaint Entertainment, “Courtney has a lot already written. She started when she got home from filming the show. It was her way of coping with her frustrations over how she was portrayed. Writing was a release for her. We all think she should definitely turn it into a book. It will be SO juicy.”

As for whether the book will be fiction or non-fiction, the source said, “She’s not sure. She could do it as a memoir – or as a fictional story loosely based on her life. It’s still in the early stages.”

Some who have survived Ben’s season of “The Bachelor” have said that Courtney was portrayed on the show just as she is in real life. Would you read a tell-all book written by Courtney Robertson? Do you think she was unfairly portrayed on the show?

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