The Hobbit’s Second Film Gets New Title; Third Film’s Release Date Announced

The Hobbit's Second Film Gets New Title; Third Film's Release Date Announced

Peter Jackson announced last month that he would be making “The Hobbit” into a trilogy as opposed to two movies, as previously planned. We weren’t sure if there was enough material in the books for two movies, let alone three, but the director has decided to take the “Lord Of The Rings” prequels even further.

Just yesterday, the title of the second movie was announced! It is officially going to be called “The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug” and it will be in theaters on December 13, 2013. Lastly, the third and final installment of the films will be titled, “The Hobbit: There And Back Again”. The final installment will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Joining the director for the films will be Ian McKellan, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett, who will all be reprising their previous roles. In addition, the movie will see Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman joining the cast. Benedict will be playing the role of Bilbo Baggins, while Martin is said to be taking on the role of the Necromancer.

Warner Brothers’ president of domestic distribution, Dan Fellman said, “We wanted to have a shorter gap between the second and third films of The Hobbit trilogy. Opening in July affords us not only the perfect summer tentpole, but fans will have less time to wait for the finale of this epic adventure.”

Are fans of “LOTR” excited for a Hobbit trilogy?

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