The Making Of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ Video

Lady GagaLady Gaga has released the “making of” video for her official video for “Paparazzi”. The video, which shows Gaga being murdered and coming back to murder her boyfriend, was leaked onto the internet before it was supposed to be released. Gaga commented on her Twitter page, “Stop leaking my motherf***ing videos” at its early release.

Of the video, she says, “When I originally wrote this record, I was inspired by mugshots of some very famous Bond girls. And I decided that there’s really an art to fame. So this video is about three things: death, fashion, and famewhoring.”

The video shows choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson speaking of the house that the video is shot in, as well as Lady Gaga’s vision for this record.

Director Jonas Ackerlund also adds that the video is about “getting attention and doing anything to get it.”

See below for the “making of” video:


Also check out this Stuart Price remix of “Paparazzi”, below:


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