The Rock of Love Bus is around the corner

Bret Michaels
[Image Credit: K.Mad via Flickr]

The newest spinoff from Rock of Love is Bret Michaels’ latest attempt to find true love — on TV. The new show, Rock of Love Bus, will probably give us a lot more of the same stuff that we’ve already witnessed. Chicks will be vying for Bret’s attention, while having to jump through hurdles to get it.

The only differences are that there will be different girls, obviously, and no mansion. So all these broads are going to be stuck together on a tour bus. How quaint. This is supposed to show the girls Bret’s true ‘rock and roll lifestyle’.

Also getting a new spinoff will be Daisy De La Hoya. She’ll be picking out her Mr. Right from a bunch of dudes. I wasn’t really a fan of hers on the show, so I’ll be more likely to watch Bret’s crap again. What about you?

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