The Vampire Diaries ‘Our Town’ Spoiler Video

Vampire Diaries 'Our Town' Spoiler Video

Now that the world is good again and The Vampire Diaries is back on we only have to wait a week in between with drool on our mouths. Well I have a special treat for you with a spoiler video of this weeks episode. As we learned last week Stefan doesn’t seem to care too much about anyone besides himself and the wrath that he wants to shed on Klaus! We also learned Alaric’s ring doesn’t seem to work the way it’s supposed to. Stefan even asks Bonnie for help and because she hates Klaus as much as he does she agrees to help him.

Crazy Elena decides to make a deal with Klaus in order to spare her brother since he is using the people she cares about as a bulls-eye! In order for her to get this deal she gives Klaus his sister Rebekah back. She warns him that Rebekah will want to kill her because Elena is the one who stabbed her in the back. Klaus assures her he won’t let Rebekah do anything because he needs Elena to find Stefan. Elena then warns Klaus that Rebekah knows that he killed their mother. So Rebekah won’t be happy with Klaus when she awakes.

Once Elena gets her brother off the hook from Klaus she asks Damon to compel him to leave Mystic Falls. She wants him to be safe so Damon compels him to leave town and move in with family and leave behind Mystic Falls and not look back.

The big shocker of the night? The Kiss! Damon kisses Elena finally. We have been waiting for that for how long now? It was so unbelievably sexy! It should be interesting to see what happens with their relationship! Who wants to see more of that? I know I do!


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