The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap: Coda

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap: Coda

The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, “Coda”, aired on Sunday and with it we lost a beloved casualty of the zombie apocalypse. If you have yet to watch The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, please come back when you have because this post contains obvious spoilers for the outcome of the episode.

The pastor crawled out of the church using a crawlspace underneath, but stepped on a nail in the last episode. This week, he went to the school, but when zombies emerged and gave chase, he ran right back to the church. The zombies infested the church and Michonne and Carl had to flee with baby Judith while the pastor held the door.

After Eugene outed himself as a liar for having the cure for the zombie infestation, Abraham, Maggie and Glenn grabbed Eugene and appeared back at the church to reunite with Rick and the gang. Maggie was happy to hear that her sister Beth was still alive and that Michonne and company were ready to storm the hospital in order to get her back. Rick and a few others were already on-hand at the hospital and ready to talk to Dawn for the trade-off.

Rick met up with two of Dawn’s officers, but had his people trained on the cops for their trade talks.

In “Coda”, Rick came head-to-head with Dawn in order to exchange his people for hers. Things went south when she wanted to trade, but wanted her end to include Noah (AKA Everbody Hates Chris). Rick wasn’t feeling that and that’s when things went sideways. Carol had made a miraculous recovery and was already traded off when Beth was about to be on Rick’s side. When Dawn demanded that Noah come back over to her side as her ward, Rick protested and Beth took the knife that she’d hidden in her cast and stabbed Dawn. Dawn immediately shot Beth in the head and that is when Daryl took aim and killed Dawn where she stood.

Everyone still had guns drawn when the cops from the hospital put down their weapons and said that there would be no more violence. Rick advised everyone that if there was anyone who wanted to leave with them, they were welcome to come.

Afterward, we see everyone emerging from the hospital and Daryl is carrying Beth’s lifeless body. Maggie falls down and cries. After a fade to black, we see Morgan following markers and is right on the heels of Rick’s group. We see him at the school and then at the church where all of the walkers have been killed.

Were you shocked by Beth’s death this week?

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