The Walking Dead Season Finale Preview

The Walking Dead Season Finale Preview

If you’re like us, then you are on the edge of your seat wondering exactly what’s going to go down at Terminus on the season finale of “The Walking Dead”. We’ve heard the chatter and we are definitely expecting big things to go down.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for the season finale of “The Walking Dead”. Please turn back now if you do not wish to be spoiled!

The signs surrounding the area say “All who arrive, survive”, but it doesn’t look that good for some of our favorite characters on the show. We are suspect to believe that Beth has already been kidnapped by someone and taken to Terminus. Maggie, Glen and everyone else are already there and have been greeted by our first local, Mary, played by Denise Crosby.

It all seems rather creepy that there aren’t any chains on the gates at Terminus and they are readily invited in, no questions asked.

We know that Tyrese and Carol really aren’t that far away from Terminus and Daryl and the Claimers group are en-route, as well. Joe has laid down some pretty easy rules and they are seem to get along great. Despite that, Joe is looking to settle the score with someone who just happened to strangle one of his pals. In all actuality, he is looking to get even with Rick for strangling that guy in order to save Michonne and Carl.

So you just know that things are definitely going to get interesting on Sunday night’s show. Will you be tuning in to the season finale of THE WALKING DEAD?

Let us take some guesses as to who will end up meeting their untimely end at Terminus this evening, shall we? We’re guessing that Rick will come to his end at the hands of Joe and his crew. We aren’t sure as to whether or not Daryl will intervene because of what the men did to one of their own on the last episode.

Either Carol or Tyrese (or both) will arrive at Terminus, but Tyrese may get to have his revenge on Carol for killing the two people at the prison. Beth might end up being dinner for the cannibals at Terminus and maybe this will cause some reprisal from Daryl.

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