The X Factor USA 2012: Simon Cowell Vs. Jason Trawick

The X Factor USA 2012: Simon Cowell Vs. Jason Trawick

Simon Cowell caused quite the buzz when he hired on pop star Britney Spears to the judging panel of “The X Factor USA” season two. It was a good move for Mr. Mean in order to bring in that younger demographic that he was so longing for on the show. Of course, if she had a breakdown, it would be ratings gold, wouldn’t it?

Reportedly, Simon was banking on Britney to act crazy on the show, in order to bring the viewers in. Would she buckle under the pressure? It’s not likely, considering that her fiance Jason Trawick is getting in the way. According to the latest gossip, Jason is keeping watch over Britney 24/7 so that she stays calm and focused on judging the new talent.

A source revealed, “Simon definitely feels like the show would bee more fun if Jason weren’t there. He wouldn’t mind Britney having a big freakout on camera, but Jason is always there!”

A source close to Britney said that Jason is “extremely protective over his newfound treasure – Britney and her money. He’s incredibly controlling.”

It gets even worse! Rumor has it that Simon wants Britney to dump Jason — which would lead to her speaking freely and quite possibly, some crazy behavior for the cameras. The source said, “Simon is getting in Britney’s ear, trying to plant the seed for her to break up with Jason. He’s tried to intentionally put her in uncomfortable positions. Then he tries to keep Jason from stepping in, which damages their relationship.”

Will Simon’s nefarious plan work? The spy said, “Britney is already pulling away from Jason. And she’s already showing the telltale signs of an impending breakdown, like biting her nails, not being able to sit still and marching off set.”

The snitch added, “If Britney and Jason broke up, Simon would be through the roof with happiness. He loves nothing more than a loose cannon on live TV.”

Do you think that Simon Cowell wants Britney Spears to break up with Jason Trawick? Will his plan work?

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