The X Factor USA Final 4 Discuss The Competition

The X Factor USA Final 4 Discuss The Competition

On this week’s elimination episode of The X Factor USA, the final four will become three. On December 22nd, the remaining three contestants will enter the finals so that we can all find out who the winner of the $5 million recording contract.

Before the competition, the four remaining competitors spoke about what they thought would help them win the top prize.

Josh Krajcik said, “I think I’m very unique when it comes to this competition. Not only am I the oldest, but I have the most experience. I’ve been writing songs my whole life. I play guitar. I play piano. I’m a singer/songwriter. I play rock. I can do country. I think I’m just versatile.”

Melanie Amaro said, “The Melanie thing is that, out of all of the contestants, you can give me anything, like anything! ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and I would sing my heart out singing whatever you give to me. And I think that’s what I have over the competition. I think God has blessed me with this gift to be able to sing anything.”

Chris Rene said, “What I carry with me is diversity. What I carry with me is strength. What I carry with me is that I’m a champion, and I will succeed either way. And I just love being an original person, artist, and in all aspects of life I think that’s going to carry me far.”

Marcus Canty said, “I work really hard. I try so hard to give me all. I’m dancing. I’m moving. I’m singing. I’m trying to cover every aspect of the elements of me. I’m versatile, I sing Janis Joplin one week, and then come back and sing Bobby Brown, then come back and do Chaka Khan. I try so hard to show people different sides of me.”

Who are you rooting for in the competition? Who do you think will be left standing when we get to the Finals? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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