The X Factor USA Results Season 1 Finale Recap – Who Won? 12/22/11

The X Factor USA Results Season Finale Recap - Who Won? 12/22/11

It’s the final showdown on The X Factor USA stage tonight! With three remaining contestants, only one can walk away with the X Factor crown — and the five million dollar recording contract. In case you’ve missed last night’s performance episode of the show, you can read that here or check out all of the performance videos here.

The three remaining contenders for the title of champion are Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro. They performed their hearts out during their duets and single performances last night. Of course, each of the mentors think their contestant should win, so naturally it was up to America to vote their conscious.

We conducted a poll yesterday to see who America thought should win the show — and it was pretty obvious that viewers felt that Melanie should win, followed by Josh and Chris.

Still, it’s up in the air as to who will win the competition and who will be sent home empty-handed. Join us here at Earsucker for the X Factor USA live-blog, live at 8PM EST. Who’s got the X FACTOR?



Did Steve Jones just introduce the judges with Europe’s The Final Countdown?!? Ha.

Steve just welcomed the final twelve back to the stage. They’re singing Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory and most of them are butchering it. We still miss LeRoy Bell!

Melanie Amaro is taking the stage to perform All I Want For Christmas. PERFECTION!

They are getting ready to reveal the act that came in third place, after the break. LIES!! They’re introducing Chris Rene to sing a holiday song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Meh.

Josh Krajcik took the stage after Steve hit on Nicole Scherzinger in an attempt to get an invitation to her house for Christmas. Josh is singing Bells Will Be Ringing.

Justin Bieber is singing and it appears that he is being auto-tuned something awful. Stevie Wonder joined him on piano! Love us some Stevie!

As of now, Steve has told us twice that we will get the first results after the break. Stop killing us with the anticipation, dude.

Third place goes to Chris Rene! It’s down to Josh and Melanie! Who’s going to win?!??

Leona Lewis is performing her new song, Run. I love her dress tonight, she looks great! Her voice sounds drowned out a bit. And Rachel Crow introduced her! Rachel says she’s after Steve’s hosting job. How cute.

50 Cent is performing! What a cool performance and set. Nice. What was even better is that he was joined on stage by Astro!

Ne-Yo and Pitbull are performing now and it’s an insane light show. Afterward, Josh and Melanie are doing a duet! They sound phenomenal together.

WHO WON THE X FACTOR? Melanie Amaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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