The X Factor USA Top 11: Performance Precap (Video)

The X Factor USA Top 11: Performance Precap (Video)

The competition is getting stiff on the first season of The X Factor USA! On last week’s episode of the show, we saw the elimination of Paula Abdul’s group, inTENsity. With a five million dollar recording contract on the line, what will the contestants do to take it to the next level?

Brian Bradley AKA Astro, commented that he wanted to “just have fun” and that’s what people love him for. Chris Rene said that if he could perform his own song, he feels that he could guarantee that he would not be in the bottom two.

Lakoda Rayne said that this week’s performance is going to be amazing. They commented that they couldn’t even describe it and that they are so excited to do it. Drew Ryniewicz said her upcoming performance is going back to the more mellow Drew and that she’s going to keep the belting in her vocabulary because she felt it was a hit with people and she doesn’t want it to be boring.

Josh Krajcik said he’s going to get a little more upbeat and away from the ballad this week. He commented that ballads are fun, but he doesn’t want to be a balladeer. LeRoy Bell said this week, he’s going to come up with a different type of song and change things up a little bit. He said everybody is going to be stepping up their level, and he’s going to be stepping up his.

Melanie Amaro said she’s going to continue doing what she’s been doing and give a little bit more spunk. Rachel Crow said she’s going to pull another If I Were A Boy thing and it’s going to be fun and she’s very excited about it.

Stacy Francis said that ballads and big songs are in her safety zone, so she’s debating if she wants to leave that and do something uptempo. The Stereo Hogzz said that they are going to pull out a couple more tricks out of their bag and will showcase a few more things, but nothing over the top. They said they’ll keep doing what they do.

Marcus Canty said he’s going to keep on being himself and continue showing the audience everything that he has and every aspect of him as a person.


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