Things are still fishy with Jeremy London’s kidnapping story

Jeremy London is the guy who we all felt sorry for, after hearing about his frightening five-hour ordeal in which he was kidnapped, held at gun point, forced to drugs and deliver beer in bad neighborhoods.

Jeremy was said to be changing his tire on June 10th, when he was approached by a couple of guys who offered to help. After helping him out, they took him on a scary ride and forced him to do crack cocaine and amphetamines.

The suspect, Brandon Adams, was subsequently arrested and charged with numerous crimes. Now, it’s coming to light that his neighbors have said that he’s not the type of guy who would force anyone to do drugs, but he’d probably do drugs with Jeremy. Even worse, Radar Online reports that the would-be kidnappers even gave Jeremy’s wife a ride home. Say what?!??

Radar Online reports:

Several sources confirmed that Melissa was in the car and became scared and asked to be driven home – and the accused kidnapper complied!

I’ve never heard of a hostile situation such as this, where a kidnapper says, “Okay, we’ll let the wife go, but we’re keeping you so you can do drugs with us or die!” Seriously, have you? It just raises a lot of questions. One being, why didn’t she alert the authorities before he made his escape? Is there a 911 call on file somewhere? It just doesn’t add up to me.


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