Thom Yorke eyes music industry failure

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke knew what was coming when the internet met the music industry. Of course the business is going to go south, with internet file sharing at an all time high and people stealing and leaking music, it just makes better sense to give it away.

Thom has issued a warning to new talent: Don’t go the traditional route of signing with a record company. It makes sense, considering everyone and their uncle can have a website up within a day, showcasing their music to the masses. It makes even less sense to sign a record deal if you are already a big named star, unless it really is that important that you have only blue M&Ms in your tour rider.

Thom said, “It will be only a matter of time – months rather than years – before the music business establishment completely folds. (It will be) no great loss to the world.”

He’s so right, it won’t be a big loss whatsoever. Music should always remain in the hands of the creators, not the ones with the deepest pockets.

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