Tidbits & stuff around the net!

Usually I do a Musical Tidbits piece, but today, I’m gonna do whatever I want. It’s Joe Elliott’s birthday, in case you haven’t noticed, so it gives me free reign to do whatever the heck I want. And today, I feel like spreading the link love around. So please feel free to enjoy the posts below:

On the 30th, I posted about how Britney Spears’ conservatorship might not end. Boy was I right. Get better Brit!

Sammi at 52 Bands has a really nifty iPod shuffle game! Check it out!

How many others are going to write about the Black Crowes suing Gretchen Wilson for snagging the riff to Jealous Again? I guess there’s three of us.

Is Nick Hogan a better man for spending time in jail? Probably not. He probably still doesn’t know why he’s there.

Want to sound like Joe Perry on the guitar? Who doesn’t?

Was Lindsay Lohan outed?

Work for Diddy begins August 4th!

Check out Maroon 5’s exclusive concert webcast!

Is Oasis considered fascists because of the union jack flag?

Is Selena Gomez the next Miley Cyrus? Check her out on Regis & Kelly!

Paris Hilton actually did something smart!

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