Tiger Woods alleged sex tape to be released Friday

Tiger Woods is learning the hard way that when you lie down with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas.

His ex-mistress, Devon James, still plans on releasing the sex tape that reportedly features the disgraced golfer on Friday, October 15th.

Devon’s husband, producer Nick James, says that they plan to release the tape on Friday, regardless of what happens, “no matter what.”

He said, “I was told there was a bid by his lawyers to buy the tape but so far no deal has been struck and I don’t think it will be either.”

There hasn’t been any proof that the tape exists as of yet and all of the media buzz surrounding it has been released by Devon and Nick. Nick added, “I think that it will be available for pre-order no matter what now – right now that is definitely still on.”

Do you think there’s a real Tiger Woods tape floating around?

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