Tilda Swinton Does Sleeping ‘Performance Art’ (Photo)

Tilda Swinton Does Sleeping 'Performance Art' (Photo)

We are sure that there is a lot about this piece of “performance art” that Tilda Swinton is doing that we don’t get. What she’s doing is basically sleeping in a glass box with a jug of water and a mattress and a pillow at the Museum of Modern Art.

Basically, people walk around this container with her inside and watch her sleep. That’s it. Fans of this call it a “performance piece”, but we’re apparently not as classy as that. In fact, we have a similar “art installation” in our bedrooms here. They’re called beds.

Why would anyone want to watch someone else sleep? Who cares that she’s a celebrity and an Academy Award winner? Is this something that you would scramble to the Museum of Modern Art to see? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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