Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes In Divorce Settlement Talks

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes In Divorce Settlement Talks

The latest gossip surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce is that the former couple are trying to handle things more privately. Katie dropped a bombshell on Tom in her divorce filing, thus “blind-siding” him in the process. In her filing, she noted that she is seeking full legal custody of the couple’s only child, Suri.

Sources close to the former couple say that Tom and Katie “want to settle this matter privately and that talks are ongoing between the two parties.”

Since her filing, we’ve seen a lot of Katie and Suri floating around New York City, where she filed the documents. They look happy and have even been photographed together on a play date. I like that Katie is visible and looking happy. It’s when things start happening behind closed doors that I start to wonder what’s going on.

Sources close to both parties say that they want what’s best for Suri and that “they have never ruled out trying to reach an amicable settlement.”

What seems to be the lingering issue is whether or not Tom and Katie can come to a decision regarding what type of schooling Suri will receive. Will she be raised a Scientologist per Tom’s wishes? Or perhaps a Catholic like her mother may want?

The hearing in the case is set for July 17th, so we will definitely have more information at that time. Until then, we will have news on Tom and Katie’s divorce as it trickles out in the media. Stay tuned.

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