Tom Hanks Issues Twitter Apology For ‘GMA’ F-Bomb

Tom Hanks Issues Twitter Apology For 'GMA' F-Bomb

On Friday, Tom Hanks appeared on “Good Morning America” to discuss and promote the movie he shares with Halle Berry, “Cloud Atlas”. In the movie, he plays different roles and he was speaking with host Elizabeth Vargas about the upcoming flick. She asked him if he could recite a few lines from the movie in character and he was more than happy to oblige.

He had warned Elizabeth that “mostly, it’s swear words”, but was asked to go forward anyway. It was at that time that Tom was in character and dropped the F-bomb on live television. He caught himself right afterward, realizing that he said a curse word on TV. He immediately covered his mouth when Elizabeth offered up an apology for the viewers. He then offered up his own apology, saying, “I slipped into a brand of acting. I have never done that before. I want to apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now.”

Despite apologizing on air, Tom also took to his official Twitter account to say, “Oops! In character! Sorry!”

And there you have it. Let’s act like we’ve heard people swearing before and not make such a big deal about this just because it was Tom Hanks on live television. It’s not that serious.

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