Tony Pieper Exits ‘The Bachelorette’ After Missing His Son Taylor

Tony Pieper Exits 'The Bachelorette' After Missing His Son Taylor

On Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette”, the show revealed just how much Beaverton, Oregon lumber trader Tony Pieper missed his son Taylor. In case you’ve missed the show, we’ve recapped it here for your perusal. The show had its ups and downs, with Emily Maynard meeting her idol, Dolly Parton, along with her date with Arie.

Of course, the show also had its share of the drama with Alessandro commenting that being a father figure to Emily’s daughter Ricki would be a “compromise” for him. With that, Emily sent Alessandro packing. The guy didn’t even understand why he was being eliminated from the competition! Imagine that!

The most emotional part of the night came when Tony came to a crossroads. He had talked to his little boy on the phone, but was missing him greatly. Emily found Tony outside by himself, after having chatted with his son. He told her that he found this journey to be harder than he expected.

Emily told Tony that it reminded her of her time on “The Bachelor” with Brad Womack. She didn’t want Brad to keep her around if he felt she wasn’t the right woman for him. She felt the same way with Tony. She didn’t want to keep him away from his son if that’s where he really wanted to be. As a result, she sent him home to be with Taylor.

With Alessandro, the decision was easy. He was a jerk and she didn’t deserve to have someone in her life who felt it was a compromise to have a child to help look after. With the decision to send Tony home, it appeared to be a tougher decision for the Bachelorette.

On their group date, they unleashed a herd of children on the twelve unsuspecting guys. They played and had a blast, but that really caused Tony to miss his son even more.

Who’s next to be eliminated on the show? It’s a toss up, but we’re guessing that Ryan and Kalon’s days are numbered. Ryan is a hot guy, but he got jealous that Emily was kissing Arie inside the house. Besides that, he’s a good looking guy and is financially stable, why is he looking for love on television? Kalon showed his dark side after telling Emily that he loves it when she talks, but he wishes she would let him finish.

What do you think? Who’s next to go home on this season of “The Bachelorette”?

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