Top 9 Best Avengers Villains of All Time

 Top 9 Best Avengers Villains of All Time

With the new Ultron movie coming in 2015, you may be asking yourself: “Who are the best Avenger villains of all time?”

To break things down, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable villains from Marvel comic books that we have enjoyed in the past:

1. Kang

Even though he’s had a ton of names, Kang could possibly be the most feared time-traveling warlord. Known as the Avengers’ oldest foe, he has appeared as Victor Timely, Iron Lad, Scarlet Centurion and Rama-Tut, and his goal has always been the same — to find, defeat and conquer the greatest civilizations and warriors. Even though he could easily destroy the Avengers through his time-traveling powers, his code of honor drives him to defeat the team head on through combat and strategy.

2. Korvac

Even though Korvac began his life as a lowly computer programmer, the alien conquerors were able to transform him into a cyborg, setting him on the path to ultimate powers. Recently appearing in the Avengers Academy, Korvac was returned to life, only to be defeated by Carina.

3. Kree

This alien race has always been know to be a threat to the Earth; however, as the ongoing war continued, their struggles created some of the biggest conflicts between the Skrulls and the Avengers. As for the Kree, one of their greatest conflicts came when they went to war with the Shi’ar, who were attempting to create a device to destroy the Kree population. When Capitan America convinced them to stay away from the device, it was still detonated by the Skrulls, devastating the Kree empire. Even though it appeared the Kree were depleted, the Kree Supreme Intelligence, a being composed of the Kree Psyches, were able to kickstart an evolution.

4. Loki

Loki, the Asgardian prince of lies, has appeared in The Avengers and Thor. In the world of villains, very few are able to match his power, manipulation and skills. Sharing a strong bond with his brother, Thor, he’s notoriously known for leading the fall of the Asgard, as well as the death of Ares. Even though his bad behavior eventually led to his downfall, Loki has made a comeback in Young Avengers.

5. Norman Osborn

Starting his career as Spider-Man’s greatest nemesis, Norman Osborn has been able to grow into a menace that no one ever expected. Osborn not only assembled the label as one of the most dangerous villains, but has also been able to put together some violent teams.

6. Scarlet Witch

Driven by years of psychological torment, the Scarlet Witch went on a killing spree, claiming the lives of at least four Avengers. While most of her victims have returned to life, her brief spree put fear in just about everyone.

7. Tankmaster

Blessed with photographic reflexes, Tankmaster is able to do just about anything when studying his enemy. Whether it’s replicating their movements, fighting style or trails, Tankmaster has played a vital role as a top assassin and go-to guy. While he’s been known as a good guy, he’s always went back to his roots as being a villain.

8. Thanos

Thanos has been known to try to destroy all life on the universe numerous times to impress Lady Death. While his imposing physical prowess makes him a threat, he is even scarier when paired with the Infinity Gauntlet — an artifact that gives him ultimate control of reality.

9. Ultron

Ultron, the primal evil that every man fears, has been an unstoppable force who was created by Hank Pym, a founding Avenger. Ultron was created to be a robotic science achievement, but since the experience worked too well, Ultron backfired, leading to a rebellious robot that wanted to set out on a path to destroy and conquer mankind.

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