Tori Spelling To Dean McDermott: ‘I’ll Never Trust You Again’

Tori Spelling To Dean McDermott: 'I'll Never Trust You Again'

Former “90210” actress Tori Spelling covers the latest copy of “Us Weekly” and it states boldly on the cover that she will never trust her husband Dean McDermott again. And who could blame her? He has cheated on her with a much younger woman by the name of Emily Goodhand. Afterward, he checked himself into rehab, but has since left the place to return home.

Despite his return home, sources close to the situation say that Tori doesn’t feel as if she and Dean are actually back together. She feels like Dean is her soulmate, but doesn’t know why he has chosen to break her heart. Here’s a note for Tori; call it free therapy: He cheated on his former wife Mary Jo Eustace, in order to get with you, what ever made you think that he wouldn’t do the same thing to you?!?

The magazine details how Tori has opened up about Dean’s cheating. She also discusses why she didn’t kick him to the curb upon learning of his affair(s). She revealed, “I feel so judged, but it’s not black and white.”

Did she cheat on him, as well?

That is one thing that remains to be seen and we’re guessing that Tori and Dean both are really giving all of these cheating stories a super huge push in order to drum up interest in their upcoming reality show, “True Tori”. It makes its premiere on the Lifetime Channel on April 22nd and it just seems like a wild coincidence that Dean and Tori both are suddenly “opening up” about the cheating scandal. Will they use this apparent marriage scandal in order to get ratings? Seems like a marketing ploy only worthy of the last name Kardashian or Jenner.

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