Tori Spelling Still Won’t Reach Out To Her Mother

Tori Spelling Still Won't Reach Out To Her Mother

Tori Spelling won’t reach out to her mother Candy Spelling — despite the fact that she is going through so much with her marriage to Dean McDermott. Rumors have been flying that Tori and Dean are going through a rough patch — after it was reported that he was skeeving around behind her back.

A source revealed that Tori won’t be confiding in her own mother with regard to her marital troubles. The source said, “Tori and Candy have a very complex relationship. The pair will go months without talking, and then suddenly be in contact daily. Tori could use the support of Candy during this rough patch in her marriage to Dean, but she is just too proud to do so. She is afraid Candy would remind her that she was warned against marrying Dean so quickly after the divorce to first husband Charlie was made final.”

The source went on to say, “Candy did get her grandchildren Christmas presents, and the cheating allegations weren’t addressed at the exchange, which took place without Dean. The children absolutely adore Candy, and she truly enjoys spending time with the bunch.”

The source continued, “Tori always says her mom’s famous parties and attention to decoration and detail is where she gets her inspiration and wants to be just like her. She would never admit it, but Tori is constantly seeking approval from Candy. Candy isn’t judgmental and Tori would probably be surprised at how supportive her mother would be for her at this time. Instead of trying to be perfect, Tori should just let her guard down and confide in her mom.”

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