Trent Reznor interview from Revolver Mag

Here is Trent Reznor’s interview from Revolver Magazine….Enjoy!

Fresh off the release of his band’s latest album Year Zero, Trent Reznor, lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, discusses the celebrity culture in Los Angeles, the idea of making pop records and his life after addiction in the June issue of Revolver (on stands now).

On the L.A. celebrity scene: “I didn’t go to L.A. for the culture, I moved there to be around my peers. You don’t see me out, or see pictures of me shopping. I’m repulsed by it, to be quite frank.”

On the option of making pop records: “When the day comes that I have to hire the flavor of the day to write my records, stick a fork in me.”

On life after addiction: “When you’re an addict, you feel like your problems are the biggest problems in the world. I’m not saying I can change the world, but now I feel like it’s my duty as a human to try and do something.”

Nine Inch Nails happens to be one of my faves, so I enjoyed this piece, too.

Hat tip to Adam!

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