‘True Blood’ Does American Gothic On Entertainment Weekly (Photos)

'True Blood' Does American Gothic On Entertainment Weekly (Photo)

True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgard revamp (ha!) the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly in their version of the famous American Gothic painting.

And if that’s not enough for you Truebies, we’ve also got the second and third versions of the covers, featuring Anna with Stephen Moyer and her with Joe Manganiello.

Alexander spoke of his female fanbase, saying, “I’ll never get used to that. It’s just very, very humbling and flattering. The character Eric means so much to me and I’m having so much fun playing him. Of course it means a lot when you meet fans and you can actually tell there are people out there who really do care about the character. It means something to you, then. That’s kind of why you do this whole thing.”

If you’ve been fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, then you know that the upcoming season is filled with nothing but Sookie and Eric goodness. Of course, Alan Ball has loosely based the hit show on the books, with season four dedicated to Dead To The World. In that book, Eric is cursed by witches and has amnesia. He takes shelter in Sookie’s house and completely devoid of power and politics, they fall in love. (And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the shower scene!)

Alexander isn’t giving up any of the details on the upcoming season, but he did tell us one thing. He said, “I did some crazy stuff last year. I almost had sex with a Greek man and I was covered in his goo. Everything from here on is pretty childish. Everything’s quite innocent.”

The Greek man he’s referring to, of course, is Talbot, of whom he murdered as a retaliation to Russell’s murder of his human parents a thousand years ago.

The fourth season starts on Sunday, June 26th on HBO. WAITING SUCKS! But to tide you over, sink your teeth into the smaller images below and click twice for the larger sizes.

'True Blood' Does American Gothic On Entertainment Weekly (Photos) 'True Blood' Does American Gothic On Entertainment Weekly (Photos)

Which cover is your favorite??? Let us know in the comments!

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