True Blood ‘Me And The Devil’ Recap – Sookie Kisses Eric!

True Blood 'Me And The Devil' Recap - Sookie Kisses Eric!

Last night, the fifth episode of the fourth season of True Blood aired — and we were left with some questions!

First off, let’s share our happiness that we finally see Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman kissing! It’s about time, right folks? Here’s a brief rundown of what went down in Bon Temps last night…

Tommy killed his parents and with help from Sam, he was able to toss them into a river. Gators love marshmallows, who knew?!? Now, that means that Tommy should be able to skinwalk, right? Just like Sam’s new girlfriend, Luna.

Katarina helped capture Marnie for Bill so she could be questioned about Eric’s whereabouts and Pam’s face. She doesn’t know how to reverse the spells. Bill even glamored her to be sure. Ugh, they need to fix Pam’s face already! But not Eric, we like him better without his memory for the time being.

Eric had a bad dream about Godric and goes into Sookie’s bedroom to sleep in the bed with her. Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesus make way for Mexico to meet up with Jesus’ grandfather, who is a Brujo.

Also in this episode, Bill glamors Portia into running away and screaming whenever she sees him. This was after she was adamant that they should continue their relationship after learning that they share a blood line.

Jason took some of Jessica’s blood to heal him in the last episode, so now he’s having dreams about her. Of course, there’s guilt there, too. Hoyt also appeared in the weird dream, but then, all kinds of lulz ensue when Hoyt takes Jessica’s place.

In the end, Pam ratted Eric out to Bill, telling him that Eric is staying with Sookie. Perhaps it’s at this time that Bill will walk in on them in the midst of the shower scene that we’ve heard so much about. He storms off in a jealous rage — and bam! End of show.

Are you looking forward to next week’s show?

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