True Blood Recap For ‘Almost Home’

 True Blood Recap For 'Almost Home'

“True Blood” took us all for a pretty wild ride last night and left us with yet even more questions. The episode, titled “Almost Home” saw Eric all nice and healed from sucking down some of Sarah Newlin’s blood. We’ve also learned that Gus Jr. is planning on marketing the product, New Blood, as something less than a cure in order to maximize profits. They ensnare Sarah and hold her captive in the dungeon basement of Fangtasia.

Eric comes to see Sookie to let her know that he is okay and she notices that he is no longer sick. She pushes him for answers, but he tells her that he would come back the following night. Unsatisfied, she goes to Fangtasia to question Eric further, but is stopped by Gus’ goons. Eric offers to glamour her (even though she can’t be glamoured) and tells everyone else that she is an overzealous fan of the fang. While Eric tells her to run along, she reads Gus’ mind and learns that something is in the basement. She leaves, but then returns to break into the basement area (the same one used to rescue Holly and Arlene) and reads Sarah’s mind to learn that she is the cure. Pressed, Sookie runs to get Bill to get him to drink from Sarah. Much to everyone’s surprise, he refuses.

In all matters related to Hoyt, Brigette, Jason and Jessica — Violet has Jessica, Adilyn, Wade and Jason all tied up after Jason tries to come and play hero. Brigette and Hoyt fight, so she hops in the car with the deputy and they leave for Violet’s. (Seriously, why not open the door and push her out?!?) She gets left in the car with a gun and as Violet is passing out details on how she’s going to revenge old-school style, Hoyt comes in and saves the day with a gun shot to Violet and releases all of her captives.

It’s then that Hoyt appears to be sweet on Jessica for the first time (for him, anyways since he’s been glamoured). He and Jason talk about Jessica and Jason tells his former best friend that Jessica is complicated because her maker Bill is dying from Hep-V. Naturally, being the sweet guy that he is, Hoyt makes a house call to Jessica and Bill’s place and tries to leave a package for her. She invites him in and sweet Hoyt has gotten some clean blood withdrawn for Jessica’s maker.

Lettie Mae and Lafayette convince her preacher husband that Tara is trying to tell them something, so they all three do V with the help of James. As it turns out, Tara shows a past scene of how Lettie Mae used to try and be a good mother to her — but was always stifled by her abusive husband. When he was beating on Lettie Mae, Tara had a gun on him and could’ve shot him, but chose not to and thus ended up burying the gun in the front yard. All in all, this was supposed to be a lesson in forgiveness for Lettie Mae.

We’re guessing that since Sookie and Bill are back together (for the time being), Jessica and Hoyt are going to get back together with Hoyt possibly asking his new pal Jason to take Brigette off of his hands. Our one main question with the conclusion of “Almost Home” is why didn’t Bill drink from Sarah and be cured?!?

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