True Blood Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Whatever I Am You Made Me’ 6/24/12

True Blood Recap: Season 5 Episode 3 'Whatever I Am You Made Me' 6/24/12

It’s Sunday, so we all know what that means! On HBO tonight at 9PM EST is an all new episode of “True Blood”. Things are getting pretty juicy on the hit vampire show. Are you excited? In case you’ve missed last week’s episode titled “Authority Always Wins”, you can read our fully detailed recap here.

From the episode’s official synopsis:

Bill and Eric barter for their lives with the Authority Chancellors and their leader, Roman. Salome and Roman enlist a new ally in the face of Russell’s return. Sookie goes to Fangtasia to ask for help from Pam, who is still caught up in her memories of Eric and the strange murders at the Comstock Brothel. Andy’s dalliance with Holly comes back to bite him in the butt; later, he’s visited by Gordon and Barbara Pelt, who are searching for Debbie. Jason bumps into an old high school teacher, but their reunion brings up conflicting feelings.

From the previews, we can see that Tara is still scared as a new baby vampire. Sookie goes to Pam to summon Tara, but we’re guessing that isn’t going to end well. Tara, not knowing where to turn goes to Sam Merlotte and asks for help.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show tonight at 9PM EST as it airs on HBO. We will have all of the up-to-the-minute details of our favorite vampire show right here.


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