True Blood Season 4 Episode 11 ‘Soul Of Fire’ Questions

True Blood Season 4 Episode 11 'Soul Of Fire' Questions

True Blood is soon winding down to a close of season four, as we are up to episode eleven, titled, Soul Of Fire. The penultimate episode airs on Sunday, leaving us with a lot of questions about what’s going down in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Now that we know that Marnie is really behind the Antonia thing and that she’s not being possessed unwillingly, it left us with no doubt that she’s crazy. Sure, she was attacked by Eric, but you can’t take one vampire’s actions out on the whole lot of them, can she?

There’s a vampire/witch war brewing in Bon Temps and Sookie and her friends are caught in the middle. Will they be able to leave Moon Goddess Emporium in time before the vamps get there and blow it up? Sure they will, there is a season five, after all.

Will Jesus be able to overpower Marnie/Antonia and cast out the spirit that’s inhabiting her body? Will the vampires be able to do what they want with her after it’s all said and done? They want to kill her for what she’s done, so there’s always that chance that Marnie won’t make it to the next season.

Will Sookie be able to communicate with both Eric and Bill that she’s in danger, trapped inside of the witch store?

Is Sam going to get the chance to avenge his brother’s death against Marcus? And since Marcus is most assuredly going after Alcide’s woman, Debbie, will he lend a hand? Perhaps with Marcus out of the way, Alcide can become the new packmaster of Shreveport.

Poor Andy, will he be able to make it home through the forest without any trouble? It’s rehab for rednecks. Ha.

Lastly, if Marnie dies, will the spell that she cast on Pam disintegrate? What do you think?

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