True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 ‘I Wish I Was The Moon’ Preview Video

True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 'I Wish I Was The Moon' Preview Video

Last night’s True Blood episode, Me And The Devil (read our recap here) left us with a lot of questions. Those questions are going to be answered in the July 31st episode of the hit HBO show, titled, I Wish I Was The Moon.

One thing was wrapped up with episode five and that was the fate of Sam and Tommy’s trailer park trash parents. He killed them and Sam helped him dispose of the bodies. Now, we’re sure that Tommy can be a skinwalker, so he’ll be able to shift into anyone he wants.

The most questions we were left with involved the brief kiss shared by Sookie and Eric. Now that Bill knows where Eric is hiding, he comes to Sookie’s house and nabs him. But not before Sookie pleads with Bill not to hurt Eric.

Bill recommends to Nan and the AVL that Eric suffers the true death. Right before his execution, Eric says that he doesn’t expect mercy.

Is the evil Debbie back? Now that Alcide has received a visit from the Shreveport packmaster, Debbie has seemingly invited this clown into their home.

And another thing, as the title suggests, it’s a full moon. So Jason might just change into a werepanther for the first time. Interesting.

Check out the video:

And just when are we going to get that shower scene between Eric and Sookie???

Waiting sucks!

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