True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 ‘Let’s Get Out Of Here’ Recap 8/21/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 'Let's Get Out Of Here' Recap 8/21/11

On last week’s episode of True Blood, Jessica dumped Hoyt and ran to Jason, there’s a vampire vs. witch war brewing and Lafayette is possessed and snatches Mikey along with Andy’s gun. (Read our official True Blood recap here.) This recap contains obvious spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen the show! Read at your own risk, after the jump!

Alcide is running with Sookie and Bill catches up to them, snatches her and makes way to her house. There, he offers her his blood, but she doesn’t seem to be taking it. Alcide catches up and asks if there’s anything else they can do. Bill says “pray”, but to who?

Antonia brings Eric back to Moon Goddess Emporium and shows the other witches that he is under her control. Tara is upset that Bill offered Marnie an olive branch, but Antonia ignores her and tells them all to join hands. She wants to cast a protection spell against the vampires so they’ll be safe. Tara and Holly have a problem with how Antonia is handling things with the vampires. Antonia tells them that they’ll be going to the Festival Of Tolerance with Eric, so they can show the world what vampires are capable of. As some of the witches disagree with her plans, she locks them inside.

At Sookie’s house, she comes to and is asking for Eric. Alcide tells her that she was shot. Bill says he has his men looking for Eric and he’s going to join them now that he knows she’s alright. Alcide walks out and Sookie thanks Bill for the blood.

Sam is at Luna’s and tells him to go, saying Marcus is not his problem. She said she’s teaching Emma not to run from her problems if Marcus comes back. Sam suggests they go camping. She agrees.

At Alcide’s house, he’s sneaking into bed with Debbie, who is pretending to be sleeping. He kisses on her, but she’s obviously miffed that she can smell Sookie on him.

At Bill’s, Jessica is rambling on to Nan about what happened between her and Hoyt and recounting what happened when she went to Jason’s house. Nan says that Jessica has erased any doubts she’s had about ever becoming a maker. Nan says that she’s going to ground there because of the festival tomorrow night. Bill tells her that Eric is missing and they should cancel the festival. She says that’s not an option. He tells her that she’s blind to being the problem. She says they are not canceling the festival and he’d better be in a festive and tolerant mood.

Hoyt is awakened by his cell phone and the place is wrecked. He finds Jessica’s Taylor Swift CD and puts it in a box labeled, “For you monster”. As he looks in the refrigerator, in walks Lafayette (possessed) with baby Mikey. Lafayette tells Hoyt to get out of his house and points the gun at him. Hoyt goes to leave, but tells him that this isn’t his house and that’s not his baby, it’s Mikey.

At Andy’s house, Arlene and Terry are freaking out because of Mikey’s disappearance. They call Jason and Arlene tells him that his daddy took him. Hoyt calls Jason to tell him that Lafayette is at his house with the baby and a doll. Andy sneaks away to get his V fix.

Back at Sookie’s house, she’s dreaming that Eric has come to visit her in the daytime. They lay down on the couch together and Bill is there. They can all hear each other and Bill tells her to tell Eric that she never stopped loving him. She tells them that she doesn’t want them to fight over her. Sookie tells them that this is her dream, so they both need to shut up and listen to her.

At Merlotte’s, Tommy is writing a note for Sam, telling him he messed up. Marcus walks in, looking for Sam. Marcus gives him a card and tells him to tell Sam to be there or he’s going to have a bigger problem than he’s already got.

Jason and Andy show up to Hoyt’s house to get Mikey from Lafayette. Andy is hyped up on V and busts the door down. Lafayette takes a shot at him and they both get off the porch. Terry and Arlene show up and Terry wants to go in, but Andy tackles him.

Sam and Luna are camping with Emma, and he says Emma has seemed to forget the previous night’s drama. Emma says that she hopes to be a shifter when she grows up, instead of a wolf, so she can turn into a bunny. Luna tells her that she’s perfect and whatever she turns out to be is what she’s supposed to be. Sam turns into a bunny so she can pet him.

Sookie is still dreaming and tells Eric and Bill that she thinks she’s in love with both of them. She tells them that she doesn’t have to be theirs, but that the two of them be hers. Bill pulls out the King card and Eric says she has to choose. She undresses and tells them that it’s either both of them or nothing at all. They take her up on her offer and they both bite her. She wakes up.

Debbie is in an alley buying V from a dealer. She takes it and tosses the vial after telling the dealer off.

Andy is tripping on the V and puts Jason in charge of the case. Jesus shows up after being called by Arlene. Jesus tells everyone that he’s going in and will get Arlene’s baby back. Inside, Lafayette/Mavis is cuddling with Mikey. He approaches Jesus with the gun as Jesus is telling Mavis/Lafayette that he broke into Arlene’s house and took their baby. Jesus tells Mavis that Lafayette is a medium and something happened to her and that she’s inside of Lafayette’s body.

Debbie shows up at Sookie’s house with flowers and she invites her in. Debbie tells her that Alcide was the first man she truly loved. Sookie reminds her of how she tried to kill her, but Debbie says that’s not why she’s there. Debbie offers to help Sookie and says they won’t be best friends, but wondered if they could make things better. Sookie listens in to Debbie’s thoughts and says that she believes her. She takes her up on her offer of help.

Jesus is getting Mavis to tell him about her last memories. She wanted to hold her baby, but her white boyfriend wouldn’t let her. She says that he plunged a knife into her and she remembers seeing him out back shoveling. Jesus and Mavis come out with Mikey and return him to Arlene and Terry.

At Marcus’ shop, he’s there talking to Alcide and Alcide says he wants to move up in the pack. Alcide says he wants that because it’s important to Debbie. Marcus tells Alcide of Sam’s supposed visit and asks him to stand behind him to make Sam more inclined to listen.

Back at Hoyt’s house, they’re digging up the backyard to look for Mavis and/or her baby’s remains. Jesus hands Mavis the baby’s remains so she can hold him. Jesus tells her it’s time and that he needs Lafayette back. He puts his hand on her and starts casting a spell and she leaves Lafayette’s body.

Debbie goes to Moon Goddess Emporium as a representative of the Shreveport werewolves to pledge her allegiance to their cause. Sookie sneaks in and finds Eric. He tells her she should go. Sookie guesses that he’s under Antonia’s spell and asks him what she is having him do. He says, “Kill the King”.

Tara holds a gun on Sookie and says “Are you even listening to me?” Sookie listens in to her thoughts and she says that they’re all being held hostage and Bill is at the Dorchester Hotel. She tells Sookie to charge her. Sookie charges her and knocks her down and runs out. Tara shoots a couple more times for good measure and apologizes to Antonia for letting her get away. Apparently, Debbie was there to help Sookie and drives off with her.

Antonia leaves with Eric and Roy and casts a spell so that everyone else is locked inside. Tara tries the door knob, but her hand is burnt.

At the Festival Of Tolerance, Bill is asking where all of the vampires are. He said, “It’s like having a civil rights protest without any black people.”

At Hoyt’s, Jason is helping him fix the door. Jason finds the Taylor Swift CD and Hoyt tells him that it goes in the “monster box”. He tells Jason to put the “monster’s CD in the monster’s box” and take it to her. Jason says it’s not his place to take it to her and Hoyt tells him he’s his best friend and asks him again.

The real Sam is still camping with Luna, while Jason skinwalks as Sam to go visit Marcus. He said he hasn’t touched Marcus’ wife, but his brother did — and he told him she’s sweet, too. Marcus goes nuts and starts beating on Tommy (as Sam). Meanwhile, Sam and Luna are getting it on in the tent. Alcide intervenes in the beating and tells Marcus he gave him his word. After kicking the crap out of Tommy, he changes back into himself.

Nan is speaking at the podium, telling the group about human on vampire crime and Eric sneaks passed the guards. The guards chase him and he stops. Antonia is behind them and casts a spell on them.

Jason brings Jessica her box of things from Hoyt. He scratched out “for you monster” off of the box. She invites him in, but he says no. Then, they end up having sex in the back of his truck.

Sookie goes to the Dorchester and tells Debbie to go home to Alcide. The witches stab the guards after Sookie runs in. Sookie says, “They’re coming for you Bill, RUN!”

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