True Blood Season 4 Finale ‘And When I Die’ Recap 9/11/11

True Blood Season 4 Finale 'And When I Die' Recap 9/11/11

On last week’s episode of True Blood, we saw the vampires destroy Marnie after the forcefield around the Moon Goddess Emporium was destroyed. They shot her in the head, leaving Sookie to decide, once again, between Eric and Bill, who were both willing to give up their lives for her. Lafayette gets possessed by Marnie, at the end of the episode. (READ OUR FULL RECAP HERE)

The show opens with Lafayette and Jesus talking about magic and the power being too strong. Jesus kisses him and says he’ll see him after work — and then Lafayette stabs him in the hand with a fork.

At Sookie’s house, she sees a flashback of Gran on the floor. Afterward, she gets interrupted by Tara, who’s just getting up. Sookie asks Tara if Gran is in Heaven. She tells her that Marnie channeled Gran and warned her about Antonia and not giving her heart to Eric.

At Tommy’s gravesite, Sam is mourning his brother. Afterward he is joined by Maxine Fortenberry. She calls him a sweet boy and said that he stole a bunch of her clothes and jewelry. Maxine said that Tommy was a son to her and for Sam to call her “mama” from now on. Luna and Emma join Sam at Tommy’s grave.

Jason is convincing himself that he’s a good person, when he goes to talk to Hoyt. He tells Hoyt that they have to talk, but to put the chainsaw down first. He tells Hoyt that he had sex with Jessica and he’s not joking. Hoyt punches him and Jason apologizes. Hoyt says that Jason broke the code. Hoyt punches him again after Jason tells him that he drank her blood and couldn’t think about anything else.

Marnie has possessed Lafayette and has tied Jesus up in their house. Jesus said that Antonia knew that all she wanted was power. Lafayette and Marnie are fighting and she’s holding a knife to his eye. She says she wants Jesus’ magic, all of it.

At Merlotte’s, Arlene and Terry are dressed up for Halloween. Sookie asks for Sam and goes to say she’s sorry about Tommy. She gives him a big hug and tells him that he fired him. He said he wasn’t himself that day (Hint: It was Tommy skinwalking). He gives her her job back.

Back at Lafayette and Jesus’ house, Jesus is saying that he’d gladly give her what he has inside of him. He tells her that she has turned into everything she hates. Marnie cuts Lafayette’s chest. He starts casting a spell to turn over his magic to her. He turns into his demon and she stabs him and licks the blade.

At Merlotte’s, Sookie is serving a drink to Alcide. She asks where Debbie is and he tells her that she was right about Debbie. Alcide wants to get together with Sookie. He says Debbie is not in his life any longer. She says she can’t control who she loves, and he says to try harder.

Tara is going to see Lafayette, but the door is open. She sees Jesus and he’s dead. She screamed. Afterward, we see Sookie and Holly talking about fairies and Halloween. Tara is creeping on Holly and Sookie and tells them that Marnie is back and is inside of Lafayette.

Then, we see Eric and Bill tied up and gearing up to get burned at the stake. Marnie says what goes around comes around. Marnie casts a spell to burn the fire underneath them. Sookie casts a spell to knock Marnie down and he turns into the demon. The witches start casting a spell, to bring the dead to watch over them. The dead start walking and Antonia materializes before them. Antonia says she’s there to bring Antonia home. Adele Stackhouse yanks Marnie out of Lafayette and throws her to the ground. Sookie sees Gran and Gran tells her that the answers are in her heart, where they’ve always been.

Arlene sees Renee after taking the garbage out at Merlotte’s. He says he loved her and their baby. He says Terry brings her trouble of the worst kind and to RUN!

At Jason’s house, Jessica appears in a red cape and asks what happened to his face. She asks if he told Hoyt and says he took it pretty well. She says to let him in and they have sex. During the act, Jessica says that she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend.

Pam is having a fit at Eric’s office because he’s missing. She’s absolutely tired of hearing Sookie’s name and throws his stuff all over the place. Ginger is scared and comforts Pam.

At Bill’s house, Eric and Bill are both feeding from her. They both thank her for saving their lives. She feels ripped in half because she loves both of them. She forgives Bill and says that it makes it harder. She tells Eric that she fell for both sides of Eric, but it’s over for all of them.

Lafayette was asleep and looking for Jesus. Jesus appears and tells Lafayette that he’s cool with how things went. Lafayette asks him how he’s supposed to live with that and Jesus tells him to just keep breathing. Lafayette doesn’t want to live without him.

In the parking lot at Merlotte’s, Andy brings Holly some flowers. He admits to being a drug addict and thinking that he needed it to talk to pretty ladies like her. He said he’s sober and can be good to be someone if they let him. He walks away and she stops him to tell him that she needs a hug.

At Sam’s, we see Luna and Sam kissing. He wants her to stay, but Emma’s not ready for that. After she leaves, we see a wolf watching him. Debbie? (She’s a white wolf, though…)

At Jason’s house, Jessica is leaving. She said she’s leaving because having sex with him made her hungry. He asked her if she’s going to leave and glamour someone to drink their blood. She says yes and he says he’s okay with that. She shows her fangs and leaves. After Jessica leaves, Steve Newlin appears on his doorstep and bares his fangs.

Did Debbie Pelt just release Russell Edgington?!?!? WTF?!?

Nan Flanagan shows up at Bill’s mansion and Eric is already there. She says, “Perfect, two birds, one stone.” She quit the AVL and the Authority and is super angry. She said that there has been an order on their heads. Nan talked about Sookie and her blood. Eric took out all of her men and Bill staked her.

At Sookie’s house, Debbie is there with a gun pointing at her. Tara takes the bullet for her. Sookie is on top of Debbie and shoots her. TARA IS DEAD?!? WTF, PEOPLE?!?

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