True Blood Season 5 Trailer (Video)

True Blood Season 5 Trailer (Video)

Waiting isn’t going to suck for much longer, Truebies! We’ve got our grubby little hands on the trailer for the True Blood’s upcoming fifth season. The last time we visited Bon Temps, a lot went down.

Tara could be dead or not — could she be turned into a vampire? We’ve heard rumors that Godric’s other progeny Nora is coming to town. Is that who Eric is kissing in the trailer?

Also, we know that someone dug up Russell Edgington so that he can wreak more havoc on the town. Now that Steve Newlin has been changed into something he hates, he has gone after Jason. But since he has the blood bond with Jessica, will she come to his defense?

Will Jessica be attracted to Claude when he comes to town? We’ve heard rumors of a vampire/fairy romance – and it wouldn’t be the first time, would it? Who is Jessica embracing in the trailer?


Who the heck is Sookie burying? All of our questions and more will be answered when the show makes its return this June. Until then, waiting still sucks!

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