True Blood Season Six Premiere Review: ‘Who Are You Really?’

True Blood Season Six Premiere Review: 'Who Are You Really?'

Warning: This post contains massive spoilers for Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s hit vampire show True Blood. Do not proceed if you have yet to see the show!

It was a great episode for the show’s sixth season opener and as you already know, it’s basically war between the vampires and the humans. Click “Continue Reading” to read on if you’ve seen the episode…

The show started with everyone trying to make their way out of the Authority headquarters. Luna died in the first ten minutes of the show and Sam was left to protect her daughter Emma.

Billith is a crazy monster, but he’s still Bill, in essence. Whatever he is now, he has some pretty strange powers. He’s still Jessica’s maker and summons her to his house. That leads Eric, Nora and Sookie to his place, as well, where Sookie stakes him in order to save Eric. Here we learn that Eric is still in love with Sookie. Awww…Sook, get you some of that.

Alcide has some gratuitous sex in the form of a threesome with Danielle and Rikki after helping devour the remains of their former packmaster J.D.

Jason hitches a ride to Bon Temps with a stranger who is later revealed to be Warlow. This can only spell trouble for Sookie!

The Governor, Truman Burrell has declared that it’s open season on the vampires, yet helps open a Tru Blood factory in Louisiana where he will remain a silent partner.

What were your thoughts on Sunday’s episode of True Blood? Share your ideas of what’s going to happen next week — below!

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