Unruly fans causes concert cancellation at Hanson show

In case you didn’t grasp the title fully, I reiterate: There were a TON of fans who showed up to a concert featuring MmmmBop singers Hanson and caused a ruckus. Also on the free concert ticket was Canadian rapper Drake. When more than double the expected people showed up for the concert, chaos ensued.

Event organizers expected only 10,000 concertgoers, but 20,000 showed up. According to the AP, many of the people who showed up, climbed up on the rooftops and started throwing bottles.

The AP reports:

The concert organizers asked the New York Police Department for help dispersing the crowds around 7 p.m., police spokesman Paul Browne said. Two people were arrested on minor charges; six suffered minor injuries, police said.

Did Hanson just get themselves some wicked street cred here?

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