Us Weekly: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Members Are Fighting

Us Weekly: Bobbi Kristina Brown's Family Members Are Fighting

Bobbi Kristina Brown and her late mother Whitney Houston are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly. On this week’s cover, the magazine states that Bobbi Kristina’s family is fighting among themselves – as she remains in a coma at Emory University Hospital, fighting for her life.

Several of Bobby Brown’s family members have spoken out about Bobbi Kristina since her unfortunate hospitalization. They have given many updates on her health – some good and some not so good. Others have said that they are still full of hope for her condition to improve – while other outlets have said that they are holding prayer vigils and are holding out hope for a miracle.

Bobby Brown’s attorney Christopher Brown said, “At this time it is requested that the media cease speaking with unauthorized members of the family. The integrity of the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina must remain uncompromised. Various members of the family have provided media interviews, however, none of them are approved visitors to see Bobbi Kristina. None of them have firsthand knowledge of Bobbi Kristina’s treatment and the medical staff at Emory University Hospital has not communicated with them.”

Let’s hope that Bobbi Kristina Brown still has hope for a full recovery.

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