Us Weekly: How Jennifer Aniston Pulled An Angelina Jolie (Photo)

Us Weekly: How Jennifer Aniston Pulled An Angelina Jolie (Photo)

Us Weekly’s new cover shows Jennifer Aniston and how she pulled an “Angelina” by stealing her man!

Since Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer and decided to grow a rainbow nation of children, it appears that Jennifer didn’t take anything away from that whole experience. That’s what Us Weekly wants you to believe anyways.

They claim that Jennifer stole her new man, Justin Theroux, away from his live-in girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. A source said, “Jen went after him. Jen wanted Justin and it didn’t matter that he was already with someone.”

Of course, they filmed Wanderlust together, but that doesn’t mean that Jen was pursuing anything with him at the time. He and Heidi’s relationship went south in March, causing her to move out of their formerly shared residence. In May, Jen and Justin seemed to hit it off. I’d hardly call that man stealing….but I digress.

The inside snitch says that Heidi didn’t know that Jen was teh catalyst in her relationship ending, “until now”.

The Heidi source added, “It sucks when your ex dates the most famous woman in the world so soon after a breakup.”

Indeed! Do you think Jennifer pulled an Angelina? Or are the tabloids just digging at this point?

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