Vanessa Hudgens Wasn’t Wild As A Teenager; Doesn’t Relate To ‘Spring Breakers’ Character

Vanessa Hudgens Wasn't Wild As A Teenager; Doesn't Relate To 'Spring Breakers' Character

Former “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens wants you to think that she wasn’t that crazy as a teenager. And then there’s the internet! (…which she hates…)

Previously, Vanessa has said that she is quite boring and doesn’t party a lot. So at least she’s consistent…Ha. Unless you recall those nude lesbian photos that hit the internet in March 2011…. She wasn’t partying then? Okay, then what do we call that?

Since her new movie “Spring Breakers” has hit the theaters, she’s saying that she doesn’t relate to her movie character at all. She said that she did experiment with the booze a little in her younger years, but said that it felt “naughty”.

Read what she has to say about partying it up with regard to her movie character at Girls Talkin’ Smack. And then you can come back and tell us if you’re buying any of that nonsense. Thoughts?

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