Velvet Revolver is leaving their singer to fate

velvet_revolver_fateWhat is taking so long with Velvet Revolver coming out with some new music already?!?? I saw them in concert and the whole freaking thing was electric, all the way down from Slash’s guitar skills to Scott Weiland’s singing into a megaphone.

The band says that they are in no hurry to make anything new, insisting they will regroup “when it is supposed to happen.” So I guess they want a singer to just fall from the sky?

Bassist Duff McKagan said, “Either you’ve got the guy or you’ve not and we’ve worked with some really talented guys. The trick is getting the chemistry right. Slash is making his solo record, which he’s desperately needed to do for years, so I’ll keep working with my other band Loaded, he’ll do that and music will happen when it’s supposed to happen. The right guy will fall into our laps when he is supposed to and maybe that’s why it hasn’t happened yet.”

How about them all working together to give Axl Rose another try? Is that reaching?

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