Victoria Beckham doesn’t believe cheating rumors

Victoria Beckham is defending her marriage to David in the newest issue of Marie Claire, amid reports that he paid a prostitute for sex.

In their interview article, she insists that she’s still madly in love with David. She said, “We are still so close, David and I. We were at a party the other day at my mum’s house and I was sitting on his lap. We’re very affectionate. I looked at him and thought after being married for eleven years, we were the only couple who were even near each other at that party. We’re soulmates.”

She doesn’t believe the rumors that he cheated with Irma Nici, either. She added, “Before I became famous I used to think there’s no smoke without fire. But believe me, there can be a fire without smoke.”

There you have it! Do you believe he cheated?

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