Video: Censored Lil Wayne, Drake & Eminem rap ‘Forever’

Let me start off by saying this: I hate censorship in any form, so these blank silences throughout Lil Wayne, Drake and Eminem’s performance of “Forever” just baffled me to no end. I like my gangster rap with swear words, thank you very much.

The censorship people at CBS left huge chunks of the song out to dead silence for at least two-thirds of the show. If you’re going to censor most of the performance in huge pieces, then why let them on stage in the first place? It’s not like you had no idea what they were going to rap up there.

According to NY Mag, we have all of the lyrics that were bleeped out. After the jump for the times and lyrics of the blanked out lyrics, along with the video:

0:41 — “Trying to get in where I fit i, no room for a nigga / but soon for a nigga / it be on, muthafucka / cause all the bullshit / it made me strong, muthafucka.”

0:50 — “And I’ma pick the world up and I’ma drop it on your fucking head.”

1:04 — “I could die now, rebirth muthafucker/ Hop up in my spaceship and leave earth, muthafucker / I’m gone.”

1:44 — “And I came up from behind and pretty much snuck up and butt-fucked this game up.”

1:53 – “Day that I leave it but I swear one way or another I’ma make these fucking haters believe it.”

2:42 – “So I don’t plan on stopping at all / I want this shit forever, man.” (These chorus bleeps were particularly amusing.)

2:55 — “And I ain’t even planning to call / I want this shit forever, man.”

4:55 — “So I don’t plan on stopping at all / I want this shit forever, man.”

5:30 — “You can’t put it out once we light it / this shit is exactly what the fuck I’m talking about when we riot.”

5:40 — “Out of our mouths now rewind that / payback, muthafucka for the way you doubted me.”

5:54 — “I want this shit forever, man.”


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